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Chris the Tratcher

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Turing tests [Apr. 15th, 2011|06:37 pm]
Chris the Tratcher
Someone is doing a Turing test on my blog.

It has to be a spam bot, right? But if it is then where is the spam? There’s not even a link included.

So my co-worker and I decided it must be a Turing test. An AI is reading blogs and generating comments (though I’ll admit that this comment was so vague it probably hadn’t even read my blog. It’s been taking fortune teller lessons…). And we realized that blogs would be a hilarious way to get AI feedback. You read an entry, generate and post a comment, and then measure how long before it gets deleted as spam and/or how many responses it gets. Fun huh?

I wonder if ALICE has tried this.  Just promise me you’ll keep her away from the fanfic blogs (I’m looking at you Katy).